Taco Bell China
Yum China and Taco Bell have opened the first Taco Bell restaurant in Shanghai, China.

SHANGHAI — Yum China Holdings, Inc., and Taco Bell Corp. have opened the first Taco Bell restaurant in China. The inaugural restaurant is located near Shanghai’s central business district.

Taco Bell’s first restaurant in China is part of the brand’s global growth strategy of reaching 1,000 restaurants internationally by 2022. Currently, Taco Bell operates more than 7,000 restaurants in the world with more than 300 in 26 countries outside the United States.

Brian Niccol, Taco Bell
Brian Niccol, c.e.o. of Taco Bell Corp.

“Building restaurants in new international markets is a key component to the overall growth and evolution of Taco Bell, and we’ve just scratched the surface of our global unit expansion potential,” said Brian Niccol, chief executive officer of Taco Bell Corp. “The opening of this Taco Bell restaurant in China is an exciting milestone for the brand as this market holds tremendous growth potential. We look forward to supporting Yum China as it builds Taco Bell’s presence in the country.”

Taco Bell’s new China location features classic Taco Bell offerings adapted to local tastes, Yum China said. The Crunchy Taco Supreme is loaded with Taco Bell’s signature nacho cheese sauce in China, and the Volcano Chicken Burrito features spicy sriracha sauce. The menu also offers new items unique to Taco Bell restaurants in China such as the Shrimp and Avocado Burrito.

Shrimp and avocado burrito, Taco Bell China
The Shrimp and Avocado Burrito is unique to Taco Bell China.


Additionally, customers may order shared plates featuring seasoned nacho chips, spicy fried chicken and Mexican fries. The Shanghai location also offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer on draft and specialty cocktails such as margaritas and mojitos.

Technology also plays a key role in Taco Bell’s new Shanghai restaurant, Yum China said. The location boasts free Wi-Fi, digital ordering kiosks, digital menu boards and a range of payment options. The restaurant also emphasizes transparency with its open kitchen where customers may see their food being made.

Taco Bell China
The Shanghai restaurant showcases Taco Bell's classic California inspired look and design.
“Leveraging our deep insights into Chinese consumer preferences, developed from close to 30 years operating in this market, we thoroughly researched and fine-tuned the Taco Bell menu for China, and the initial response from customers is very encouraging,” said Micky Pant, chief executive officer of Yum China.Taco Bell is an innovative brand with a strong heritage that we believe will resonate well with Chinese millennials. Built around the concept of ‘Live Mas’ – literally meaning ‘Live More’ – Taco Bell encourages its customers to try things they’ve never tried before. I look forward to creating experiences that surprise and delight people as we expand the Taco Bell brand in China.”