DALLAS — Jonathan Rankin has been named chief sales officer of TNA. Mr. Rankin has returned to the company to lead its global sales division and support customers as the company branches out into new applications and industry sectors. He will be responsible for setting a sales strategy that aligns with the business’ growth plans and meeting the needs of its global customer base.

Jonathan Rankin, chief sales officer, TNA

“We’re thrilled to be welcoming Jonathan back into the TNA family,” said Alf Taylor, chief executive officer of TNA. “He not only possesses the experience, but as a former employee, he’s also familiar with our history and unique business culture. He played a key role in our global expansion throughout the ’90s, and I have no doubt that his innovative and results-driven mindset will shape the future of our business as we embark on the next step of our journey.”


Mr. Rankin’s food industry experience spans three decades. He held various global management roles at TNA from 1993 to 2003, and most recently was general manager for Marel.

“I’m really excited to be back at TNA,” Mr. Rankin said. “The company’s growth has been incredible over the last 10 years. So much has changed since I left. The team has doubled in size, our sales have more than quadrupled, and our portfolio has grown tenfold since 2003.”


Over the past 15 years, TNA has expanded its global reach with new offices in Asia, South America, the Middle East and Central and Southern Europe. It also has widened its product range with new acquisitions such as FOODesign and Florigo.

“One of the main things I’ve always admired about TNA is that it keeps pushing the boundaries,” Mr. Rankin said. “That certainly hasn’t changed. We’ve got a lot of exciting new developments coming up and I can’t wait to start sharing my knowledge and vision with the rest of the team as we keep expanding into new markets and applications.”