(From Left) Gerard Muermans and Roland Kals have been named co-c.e.o.s of Rademaker.

CULEMBORG, THE NETHERLANDS — Jeroen van Blokland has stepped down as chief executive officer of Rademaker. Gerard Muermans, former commercial director, and Roland Kals, former technical director, will assume the role of co-c.e.o.s and oversee operational management activities for the company and its subsidiaries. 

Mr. van Blokland will continue to act as the owner of Rademaker and chairman of the board of directors of Racu BV. He will remain closely involved with the organization, focusing on business development, real estate projects and planning of long-term policies.

With 10 years of experience each at Rademaker, the newly appointed c.e.o.s will focus on different areas within the organization. Mr. Muermans will manage the external and commercial side of the business while Mr. Kals will oversee the internal organization, technical issues and R.&D. According to the company, the executives’ insights and complementary skillsets will further enhance the company and strengthen its position as an industrial bakery equipment manufacturer.

In the new management structure, Mr. Muermans and Mr. Kals will be supported by the existing team of directors. They also have been appointed executive members of the board of directors of Racu BV, Rademaker’s holding company. The company believes the new organizational structure will provide the family-owned business with the tools and personnel it needs to handle operational management, strategic development and growth plans.