Pressels are currently sold in the United States, Canada and Japan.

MUMBAI, INDIA — Dream Pretzels is looking for a local Indian business partner to invest $30 million in an Indian production facility. According to an interview inDNA, the Israeli-based snack maker wants to capitalize on the country’s growing snack market.

“We are yet to zero in on the project site,” Gilad Zilberberg, chief executive officer of Dream Pretzels, toldDNA. “We find India to be a great market, and we know for sure that we will be able to break even in three years from the launch of production.”

After a partner is selected, construction of the facility could take up to a year. The company hopes to turn the factory into an export hub that would cater to neighboring Asian countries.

For now, Dream Pretzels will export snacks to India until it finds the right partner. Mr. Zilberberg believes the company’s success will depend on a strong growth strategy.

Dream Pretzels offers Pressels, a baked pretzel chip that is available in four varieties: Everything, sesame, sea salt and sriracha. Mr. Zilberberg toldDNAthat Dream Pretzels has a 26% share in Israel's baked snacks segment and an established presence in the United States, Canada and Japan.