Inventure Foods leverages the oils it uses in its Boulder Canyon chips to create a product image that is indulgent, fun, clean and simple.

Instead of highlighting their products’ low-sodium, reduced-fat or even gluten-free attributes, many baking and snack companies are leveraging the healthy halo of ingredients they use and downplaying claims. True, front-of-packaging labeling and declaring a product as trans-fat free are still effective, but a more subtle and better approach may be to “shout out” the wholesome goodness of what’s in a product.

One such company, Inventure Foods is leading the way with Boulder Canyon brand chips. Yes, potato chips, and it’s leveraging the oil it uses to create a product image that is indulgent, fun, clean and simple.

Inventure Foods’ Boulder Canyon, Canyon Cut Avocado Oil potato chips have three ingredients — avocado oil, potatoes and sea salt. Most recently, the company rolled out potato chips fried in coconut oil. When introduced at a regional natural food retailer, the first delivery of the chips flew off the shelves almost immediately. A pleasantly surprised Steve Sklar, senior-vice president, general manager, snack division, said Inventure Foods is ramping up production and quickly developing additional flavors. Time is of the essence, he said.

“It has simply gotten a great response,” Mr. Sklar observed. “Coconut is everywhere. It fits into our strategy to innovate and then extend the line to the next level.”

Why coconut? Like avocado and canola, its perception — and perception is the key word — is that of a more wholesome oil because of its antioxidants and other “natural” reasons.

Navitas Naturals introduced new coconut chips that are organic, gluten-free and non-G.M.O.

Apparently, coconut is really the hot new thing this year. One California company, Navitas Naturals, sent out a recent press release about its new coconut chips that are certified organic, gluten-free and non-G.M.O. The company, which prides itself in creating healthy organic grab-and-go snacks, offers them in a 2-oz resealable bag that retails for $3.49.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. It’s 2 oz and resealable?

Hmm, this may add new meaning to “nutrient dense.”