Bakers know that eggs bring many benefits to their products: volume, elasticity, texture and nutrition. These factors make it difficult to extend or replace eggs in bakery formulations.

These qualities, however, shaped the tailored egg replacers developed by MCT Dairies, Inc., Chicago. The company recently introduced ProCoreFX powdered whey protein 63 that provides the intrinsic functional characteristics of eggs. “Additionally, our ingredient solution is nutritionally equivalent to egg whites when used as a direct replacement,” said Denis Neville, general manager, MCT Dairies. “We designed other specific ingredients for whole egg and egg yolk.”

The new egg white replacer suits any bakery formula calling for egg whites. With no other formula changes required, this dairy-based ingredient replaces 100% of dry egg whites. Application rate may vary depending on baked good type, formula differences, and processing equipment and conditions, but many baked foods will be able to attain 100% replacement, Mr. Neville observed. A retail-branded dry angel food cake mix that uses this ingredient solution is already on the market.

The ProCoreFX protein-based ingredient group is the latest addition to MCT Dairies’ CoreFX line of customized dairy-based ingredient solutions. The company makes its protein products using spray drying and/or blending technologies.

Egg extension and replacement are timely matters because eggs have been in short supply. Some cost relief has been seen, however. “Price has softened on eggs quite a bit in the past six months,” Mr. Neville observed, “but all indications are that high prices, relative to our dairy-based solutions, are here to stay just based on availability of eggs overall.”

Advising bakery formulators about use of ProCoreFX powdered whey protein 63, Mr. Neville said they should consider level of use, expected effect on finished product flavor and projected shelf life. “The major hurdle we overcame with this solution is replacing egg whites one-for-one,” he explained.

Other tips? Pans may need less release oil because the batters tend to stick less. Also, a little more water may be added without affecting the characteristics of the finished baked goods.

For details about ProCoreFX protein-based formulated ingredients, visit the MCT Dairies website,