Research from the International Food Information Council Foundation shows that more than half of new bakery products launched in the past two years have a health positioning. With information like this, bakers continue to search for ways to offer better-for-you options while maintaining the integrity of their product.

 One such option happens to come from a somewhat unlikely source.

Solazyme Inc., South San Francisco, CA, introduced AlgaVia Whole Algal Flour, a multi-component and multi-functional lipid powder that comes from microalgae.

“It helps bakers address consumer demand for food products that are both healthy and delicious,” said Beata Klamczynska, manager of food applications and technical services for Solazyme. “It can help bakers create indulgent-tasting products with less fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.”

 AlgaVia achieves this by replacing dairy fats, oil and egg yolks. In an example provided by Solazyme, AlgaVia was able to reduce saturated fat by 56%, fat by 38%, calories by 9% and cholesterol by 23% in a lemon pound cake. This is achieved through three mechanisms of ­action: moisture control, mouthfeel and emulsification.

The presence of fibers, starches and polysaccharides leads to AlgaVia’s moisture control capability while the full-body mouthfeel comes from the interaction of the oil, starches and fiber. Emulsification is due to AlgaVia’s phospholipids and mono- and diglycerides.

“While it provides improved nutritional profiles for products, it is unique to other lipid replacers because of its smooth, creamy texture and neutral flavor,” Ms. Klamczynska said. “When used in applications in place of eggs and dairy fats, the ingredient maintains the indulgent, creamy taste and mouthfeel of high-fat products like challah bread.”

The Whole Algal Flour’s capability for moisture control means it can be used in diverse applications. In low-moisture baked goods, it can support crispy texture as the formulator removes the fat. In high-­moisture baked goods, it can retain moisture and product quality during the freeze/thaw cycle. Ms. Klamczynska said the ingredient also offers a solution to create a moist texture and mouthfeel for whole grain, ancient grain and gluten-free products. For the purpose of fat reduction, it can replace some of the fats and egg yolks in the formula.

AlgaVia can completely replace ingredients, or it can be used in conjunction with existing ingredients. For improved mouthfeel and moisture, it can be added to an existing formulation with minimal changes.

“Because it can be used to replace or reduce ingredients like dairy fats, oil and egg yolks, AlgaVia can help lower costs for the baker,” said Sally Aaron, marketing director for Solazyme.

Solazyme received a “no questions” letter from the Food and Drug Administration on the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status of AlgaVia in June 2013. Fore more information on the AlgaVia line and its uses, visit