Because many common bakery ingredients contain sodium, bakers have to think carefully about the choices they make. A modular ingredient system can help, according to Bill McKeown, vice-president, product innovation, AB Mauri North America, Chesterfield, MO. He described results in this exclusive Baking & Snack Q&A.

Baking & Snack: What low-sodium options are current in AB Mauri’s ingredient portfolio?

Bill McKeown: AB Mauri has several options when it comes to sodium reduction in tortillas and other products. While most bakers realize salt is an inexpensive yet valuable ingredient, they sometimes forget that sodium can be hidden in other ingredients.

Sodium can be found in an assortment of products from antimicrobial inhibitors to baking powder. We supply a full line of baking powders with reduced to no sodium based on the needs of our customers.

Additionally, our Supremo tortilla solution modules provide alternatives that can help reduce the overall sodium impact within tortilla products. In the end, we work with each of our customers to develop the best solution of sodium reduction – through process and formulation – for their needs.

Are there any new offerings that you released in 2014?

We’ve continued to develop and launch label-friendly products with nutritional properties that our end users continue to look for in their ingredients.

Our Supremo line of tortilla solutions was developed with clean label and lower sodium levels in mind, including Supremo Balance LSS, a low-sodium tortilla leavening system.

Also, we launched our Arctic line of frozen dough conditioners that can provide the dough strengthening required for extended shelf life without compromising sodium levels in the product.

Do you have any new low sodium ingredients on the horizon for 2015?

As we move into 2015, our focus for product innovation will be on cleaner label and nutritionally-sound solutions. We are currently working on exciting new lower-sodium baking powders that don’t compromise flavor versus standard leavening solutions.

If so, what details can you share about reduced sodium levels and substitutes you’ve included?

While this development is proprietary to our business, we do plan to share news on our new developments as we get into the new calendar year.