When it comes to the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations, record-keeping will be the name of the game. “Equipment and software that can capture data efficiently can greatly facilitate the new record keeping requirements,” said Stephen Sundlof, DVM, PhD, senior advisor for animal and human food safety, EAS Consulting Group, Alexandria, VA. “If cooking is identified as a preventive control to kill bacterial pathogens, an oven that continuously records temperature would be an effective way of monitoring that control.

“When the final rule on Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls is issued in 2015, it may require food facilities to verify that their suppliers are producing food ingredients in compliance with the new FSMA regulations,” Dr. Sundlof continued, “Furthermore, the Food and Drug Administration is required under FSMA to establish a system that improves the capacity to effectively track and trace food throughout the supply chain. Using supply chain software would greatly facilitate both supplier verification and food traceability.”

When crafting a “Baking Expo shopping list,” Dr. Sundlof suggested considering equipment that includes some of the following features:

* Connects all participants in your food supply chain

* Consolidates and analyzes inbound/outbound/internal data, records and documents

* Electronically issues Certificates of Analysis

* Automatically sends real-time alerts when exceptions are detected

* Provides real-time visibility into performance to and from all participants in your value chain

* Supports real-time “on demand” regulatory/non-regulatory food safety audits

* Handles FSMA, HACCP, GFSI and other third-party/customer-compliance requirements

* Manages an unlimited number of quality/safety specifications to scale to your number of suppliers, plants, products and customers

* Makes it easier for suppliers, producers/manufacturers and customers to work together

* Prevents product quarantines and shipping delays

Dr. Sundloft is an internationally recognized leader in food and feed safety, who served in the Food and Drug Administration for 18 years, including 14 years as director of the Center for Veterinary Medicine and more than two years as director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

He answered questions about getting prepared to meet FSMA requirements in an exclusive Baking & Snack question and answer feature, “The Road to FSMA,” in the September issue. Read it starting on Page 141 of the digital edition.