The changing of the seasons seemed like the perfect time for Klosterman Baking Co., Cincinnati, to debut its newest offering. As spring pushed its way into summer, more and more people have taken their meals outdoors, enjoying cook-outs, picnics and, of course, baseball.

In an effort to appeal to these consumers, Klosterman released its new Whole Grain Rich Slammers, the bakery’s take on classic slider buns. In keeping with summer and baseball themes, Klosterman dubbed the buns in advertisements as the Cincinnati Slammer, recalling the Louisville Slugger logo emblazoned on countless wooden bats.

“We’re so excited to present these new Whole Grain Rich Slammer buns because they invite consumers to enjoy Klosterman bread in a new way,” said Amy Ott, Klosterman’s director of marketing. “Summer barbecues, picnics and casual get-togethers often feature the slider, a tradition that is sure to continue.”

While the origins are of the slider — a miniature hamburger, usually topped with diced onions and pickles — isn’t perfectly documented, Klosterman said the first such sandwich was presented in 1921. As the years passed, the easy-to-hold-and-eat treats became staples at summer barbecues and picnics. The Whole Grain Rich Slammers buns are packaged 12 to each 14.57-oz bag that features a recommended recipe on the back.

“A Petite Ham and Cheese Melt recipe on the back of the bag is a great way for consumers to experience the delicate flavor of Slammer buns as they re-imagine ­recipes of their own,” Ms. Ott explained.

The buns are made with whole white wheat flour, are lighter in color and have a sweeter flavor profile compared with traditional whole wheat buns or breads. They also lend themselves nicely to use by consumers wanting to make sure their summertime fare is a bit lighter and healthier. Slammer buns contain 90 Cal per serving while boasting 11 g whole grains per bun.

“As with many of our other buns and breads, these are a great source of whole grains, making them ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious way to reap the nutritional benefits,” Ms. Ott said. “They are a perfect size for kid-friendly meals, appetizers and portion control.”

To help celebrate the launch, Klosterman — one of the largest family-owned bakeries in the Midwest — is donating a supply of the new buns to Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank, one of Ohio’s largest food banks. The donation has been accompanied by a social media campaign to build awareness of the food bank and the new product. Klosterman is working to engage consumers through a retweet, repost, regram and repin campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, respectively.

“Because our Slammer bun is such a versatile product, we have a number of ways we plan on reaching the vast array of consumers who we’re certain would be interested in it,” Ms. Ott said.