North American bakeries can have their pans picked up, reglazed and returned to the bakery in 24 to 36 hours, according to Tom Bundy, president of Pan Glo, a Bundy Baking Solutions company. The Urbana, OH-based company operates a baker’s dozen Pan Glo plants in the US and one in Mexico where the pans are cleaned and straightened if needed before being reglazed.

“North America has the best reglazing service centers,” he said. “Nothing compares to it anywhere in the world. We are no more than 400 miles away from any bakery.”

American Pan can pick up pan sets at 10 o’clock on a Friday night and have them back to the bakery ready for a 2 p.m. startup on Sunday afternoon, Mr. Bundy said.

Some bakeries even set up scheduled maintenance for their pan sets.

“We find that this tends to work best for a couple reasons,” Mr. Bundy said. “One, the bakeries are able to better manage and rotate their pans on a schedule. And two, cleaning, straightening and glazing pans on a regular basis lengthens the life of the pan and helps to maintain optimal bake characteristics and overall product quality consistency.”