Floor displays provide great opportunities for companies to market their products and to help them stand out from others on the shelf. Packaging Corp. of America (PCA), Lake Forest, IL, makes packaging and displays that provide added value to snack companies. “Our goal is to understand all stakeholders’ interests and provide alternatives that deliver optimized, low-cost/low-risk solutions that turn into new opportunities to capture the interest of both retailers and shoppers,” said Carmine Bucalo, director of creative services. “We create packaging and displays that not just sell, but sell more products.”

For example, PCA offers the Hunter’s Snack Zone/Protein Center, a destination display designed to grab the attention of hunting enthusiasts.

“The display catches the eye of gamesmen and stands out among other displays in the convenience stores, sporting goods categories and small grocery environments,” Mr. Bucalo said.

The display’s dog, raccoon and tree bark graphics, as well as its movement-activated sound box programmed to mimic a barking dog, are designed to attract shoppers. “Additionally, this display cross-merchandises multiple products including nuts, dried meat and pork snacks,” he said. “It accepts stock clip strips and existing display secondary packaging to make it efficient and fast and easily executable.”

PCA also offers retail-ready floor displays that feature large continuous graphics along the entire display. “The high-impact graphics are conveyed using lithographically printed top sheets on corrugated board to communicate brand and holiday themes,” Mr. Bucalo said.