Bread remains a staple on many shopping lists, but an increasing number of consumers are looking for smaller thinner versions of their favorite carbohydrates. Yet downsizing doesn’t mean forgoing flavor for health or convenience. That’s why Kangaroo Brands likes to say, “We bake the really good stuff.”

The Milwaukee, WI-based manufacturer is well-known for its pocket specialty bread, pita chips and portion-controlled Pocket Diet. Kangaroo Brands believes consumer satisfaction is critical to success, and the company works with its audience to provide delicious, convenient products that promote satiety and a health-conscious approach to eating.

“Thin and less are definitely in for a growing number of people,” said Jenna Kashou, communications manager, Kangaroo Brands. “The new Kangaroo Breads are low in fat and oil, and won’t fill you up with empty carbs when consuming a sandwich, hot dog or whatever else you can fit in the pockets. They also provide the perfect ratio of bread to filling.”

In June, the company rolled out its pre-opened Itsy-Bitsy Pockets, Hot Dog Pockets and Fiber 5 Pockets at the International Deli-Dairy-Bake show in Houston, TX. New formulations allow the products to stay softer longer and extend shelf life to 14 days, providing deli and bakery operators another full week to sell product. The specialty breads are packaged in tamper-evident, re-sealable zip-lock packages.

“We are a wholesome family bakery that tries harder, strives for consistent quality and offers the best value for the money,” said George Kashou, vice-president and owner. “The new simple, white packaging mimics our clean ingredient lists and commitment to providing healthy products from our family to yours.”

The Itsy-Bitsy Pockets were created with the smaller appetites of children and seniors in mind, as well as those who want to limit calorie and carb consumption. The multigrain mini pockets contain just 40 Cal each. A 6-oz package of Itsy Bitsy Pockets contains 10 pita pockets and retails for $1.99 to $2.49.
With BBQ season in full swing, the Hot Dog Pockets provide a lighter alternative to traditional white hot dog and brat buns. New Flax n’ Grains Fiber 5 Pockets meet the needs of consumers looking for additional nutrition in their bread with each pita containing 5 g of fiber, 20% of the RDA of fiber, and omega-3 from flax. An 8-oz package of white Hot Dog Pockets or Fiber 5 Pockets retails for $1.99 to $2.49.

“We only sell the products we are truly happy with and proud to put our name on,” Ms. Kashou said. “Kangaroo Brands expects the healthy and natural food movement to continue growing, and in turn, people will live longer because of it.”