Heat and Control builds continuous donut fryers to match the capacity of any depositor and cooling system. From traditional systems with suspended area hoods to high-volume energy-efficient models with fully-enclosed pans, Heat and Control fryers deliver uniformly finished donuts, reliable operation and easy cleaning. Continuous oil filtration and sediment removal systems protect oil quality and prevent hard-to-clean deposits of particulates from accumulating in the fryer pan. Models use either direct natural gas or thermal fluid heating. Product conveyors are available in a variety of styles or with adjustable-pitch belts to handle a variety of different donut sizes. Viewing windows and lighted interiors can be included for turnover conveyor sections. Full-coverage hoods can also include a clean-in-place system to reduce sanitation labor, an oil mist eliminator to remove oil droplets from exhaust emissions, stack heat recovery systems for added efficiencies and a screw jack hoist system to safely raise the hood for complete access inside the fryer.
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