Hitting two consumer hot buttons at once, Stratas Foods announces Sustain, a non-GMO, trans-fat-free frying oil. The new oil blends mid-oleic and high-oleic sunflower oil.

The company noted rising consumer concerns over genetically modified oils, coupled with continued demand from the market for frying oils offering zero trans fats. It said that previous non-GMO options typically suffered from either poor performance in the fryer, flavor concerns or high costs.

“Sustain hits all of these needs across [fried foods production] for a non-GMO frying solution,” said David Tillman, vice-president, sales and marketing, Stratas Foods. “This product not only meets the dual goal of being non-GMO and zero trans fat, but it also is a high-performing oil with excellent fry life, a light and clean flavor that lets the true flavor of the food come through, and with little to no polymerization, if offers minimal gumming for easy fryer clean up. All of these mean lower oil fry costs per day and high-quality finished fried foods.”

The sunflower frying oil joins other Stratas products specifically developed to address consumer and industry health concerns. Other recent introductions include Frymax Canola Supreme made with 100% high-oleic canola oil and zero g trans fat per serving and the Flex-Palm line of palm shortenings that function like partially hydrogenated oils yet contain no trans fats.

“The oil industry operates in an environment of ever-changing consumer tastes, environmental and health issues, and regulatory issues or mandates,” said Roger Daniels, vice-president, research, development and innovation for Stratas Foods. “We constantly challenge our scientists to not only keep up with current expectations [but also] anticipate future trends and have products ready, sometimes even before the market asks for them.”

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