US Patent No. 7,803,417 (Sept. 28, 2010), S. Whited, et al. Unilever Bestfoods North America, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

This process for making a variegated nut spread begins by forming an enclosure from a film, pumping a nut spread into the enclosure and pumping in a separate stream of an inclusion to form a variegated nut spread. The enclosure is sealed to form a container without homogenizing the nut spread and inclusions. The inclusion is generally another food component that is desirably eaten with peanut butter, such as fruit filling, banana, marshmallow filling, chocolate, bacon bits, etc. The invention is also directed to a nut spread, comprising discrete inclusions such as chocolate syrup, fruit and mixtures thereof. The inclusions in the nut butter are discrete so that consumers can experience simultaneously organoleptic properties both of the inclusions and the nut butter.