• US Patent No. 7,763,301 (July 27, 2010), T. Shukla, assigned to Z Trim Holdings, Inc., Mundelein, IL.

Emulsified liquid shortening compositions include amorphous insoluble dietary fiber gel, water and lipid. Dietary fiber gel can be subjected to micro-particulation by high shear via homogenization and combined with water and lipid. These ingredients are mixed and then subjected to colloid milling or other equivalent methods of emulsification such as homogenization and ultrasonification in the presence of food-grade emulsifiers such as lecithin. The emulsified mixture can be pasteurized. Functional food ingredients such as high omega-3 and omega-6 oils, beta carotene, calcium stearate, vitamin E, bioflavonoids, lutein and soluble fibers derived from grain, flaxseed, and other sources can be added prior to mixing for additional health benefits. The composition can be used in formulated foods to replace all or a portion of fats, oils and liquid shortenings to yield lower-calorie, lower-fat formulations and reduced production costs.