FRANKFORT, MICH. — The new Cranberry Select line features infused dried fruit ingredients that have the look and taste of traditional infused dried cranberries and also may be offered at more attractive price points, according to Graceland Fruit, Inc., Frankfort. They are suitable for applications such as cereals, breakfast bars, muffin and cookie mixes, trail mixes, and repackaged products.

"Cranberry Select was developed in response to consumer demand for a nutritious cranberry product that is value-priced," said Brent Bradley, vice-president of sales and marketing. "This product delivers that lower-cost solution while maintaining the superior quality, health benefits and taste that our customers expect."

Cranberry Select ingredients are quality, graded cranberries infused with natural ingredients and dried to a specific moisture range. Piece sizes include a standard sweetened dried cranberry (SDC) size, whole berry and julienne sliced cut. Ingredients include cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil, fruit concentrate (elderberry and/or cherry juice concentrate) and citric acid.