Take a look around most bakeries and snack food production facilities, and your eyes will likely be drawn to the stars of the show when it comes to equipment and operations. The conveying lines, mixers, ovens, dividers, depositors, sheeters and more are, for the most part, easy to look at and fun to watch.

But what about the workhorses of the bakery? Those trays that transport finished loaves of bread to the truck and beyond or the racks that store those trays and their oven-ready counterparts? If it weren’t for these vital pieces of fabrication, commercial bakeries wouldn’t be the well-oiled machines we know them to be. Furthermore, trays and racks and all their relative pieces must be constructed to be trustworthy now and well into the future.

This Tech Showcase takes a look at some offerings from companies that help bakers with tough, reliable equipment that can serve as the backbone of the bakery.