Bakers seeking to satisfy consumer demand for organic or clean-label products can now choose from AB Mauri’s organic dough-strengthening and extended shelf life ingredients. They allow preparation of organic products without sacrificing ingredient functionality or product integrity. They also provide clean-label choices.

“We developed organic options to meet the needs and preferences of many of our clients and their customers,” said Mark Prendergast, president of AB Mauri North America. “The functionality of these products is the same; however, this new certification answers both customer and consumer demand for organic product.”

The AB Mauri dough strengtheners and softeners that received organic recognition in the US, Canada and Quebec are: strengtheners ICS 34-O, ICS 36-O and ICS 37-O for bread, buns and rolls; enzyme-based shelf life extenders Softase 701-O and Softase 704-O; and enzyme-based conditioner Fermentase WM 200-O.

“Our R&D team is constantly working with customers and industry experts to identify needs and trends so that advanced product solutions can easily be translated into the marketplace when desired,” said Marie Thomas, vice-president, innovation, bakery ingredients. “Bakers should be confident that our organic product line will deliver the results they want and expect.”

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