Faced with the need to cut the “added sugar” content of foods, formulators can turn to Fibersol soluble corn fiber ingredients that not only reduce sugar calories but also boost fiber, according to ADM/Matsutani experts.

“The challenge is that trimming sugar isn’t as simple as substituting an alternative sweetener and calling it a day,” said Kati Ledbetter, product development scientist, ADM. “While the latest generation of high-intensity options does a great job of replicating sugar’s sweet taste, most fall short when it comes to performing the essential functions sugar takes on behind the scenes.”

In baked foods, sugar supplies everything from bulk and structure to browning and moisture management, along with its characteristic sweetness. Fibersol ingredients deliver many of sugar’s critical baking functions and also improve texture, taste and shelf life.

For example, Fibersol-HS has a honey-like sweetness but only half of honey’s calories. Fibersol-2 can stand in for sugar’s bulk at just 1.6 Cal per g. And Fibersol-LQ liquid adds humectacy, improving texture and shelf life. At 75% soluble dietary fiber on a dry weight basis, these ingredients have a clean, neutral taste. Physiologically, Fibersol creates minimal gastrointestinal distress, even at high usage rates. And it fits into bakery applications with minimal formula adjustments.

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