Snack food producers can learn more about their industry with the seventh annual Wilbur A. Gould Total Quality Management Course for the Snack Food Industry, to be held Sept. 12-16 at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

The 5-day course — co-sponsored by the Snack Food Association, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) and the Ohio State University Food Industries Center (FIC) —will provide an understanding of how snacks are manufactured, why quality is important, where to emphasize quality control, what instruments and methods can be used to measure quality and who should take responsibility for ensuring quality.

Including presentations from industry experts and practical lab demonstrations from 15 equipment suppliers, the course culminates with a tour of Shearer's Foods, Inc., Massillon, OH, the first LEED Platinum snack food manufacturing facility in the world.

This course is designed for snack food manufacturing decision makers such as production personnel and supervisors, quality assurance personnel, production management, and suppliers researching the needs and production methods of their customers.

Those who register before Aug. 12 will save $100. For more information and to register,download the program guide. Visitwww.sfa.orgfor information on other SFA programs and services.