CLAYTON, N.C. — Turkington USA, which was recently acquired by The Middleby Corp., Elgin, Ill., changed its name to Baker Thermal Solutions. The newly named company produces an array of industrial baking equipment, including tray and tunnel ovens, conveyorized proofers and ovens, product cooling systems and pan and product handling operations.

“The name says it all,” said Clive Tolson, president, Baker Thermal Solutions. “It more accurately portrays the market we serve and identifies our core product range.”

Baker Thermal Solutions is the latest baking industry acquisition by Middleby, which acquired Auto-Bake, an Australian baking equipment manufacturer, in 2011. Middleby owns a broad line of equipment used for food cooking, preparation and processing.

Baker Thermal Solutions also provides aftermarket support services, including OEM spare parts for APV Baker, Baker Perkins, Lanham, Readco, Peterson and Turkington brands.

“Thermal processes are the heart of our business and have been an integral part of the Middleby Corp. for more than 60 years,” Mr. Tolson said.