LAS VEGAS — More than just salt and butter appeared on popcorn prototypes during the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition June 25-28 in Las Vegas. Several exhibitors used popcorn to showcase their flavor portfolios.

Kalsec, Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich., featured three flavors on popcorn. Pico de gallo offered pungency from capsicum and a cilantro flavor as well as jalapeno, onion and garlic notes. Durabrite oleoresin paprika delivered an orange hue.

Kalsec’s sizzlin’ stir-fry flavor combined pungency extracts with a steak flavor. Durabrite annatto extract provided a yellow, orange appearance. Carrot cake-flavored popcorn contained cinnamon extract and other natural flavors that led to a sweet-cooked vegetable and cream cheese note. Combining a light-colored caramel coating and Durabrite oleoresin carrot produced a golden yellow hue with brown undertones.

Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings, Omaha, offered cotton candy seasoned popcorn. It featured a cotton candy seasoning blend and cotton candy flavor.

ICL Performance Products, St. Louis, used popcorn to demonstrate two of its ingredients. One popcorn prototype featured Licresse, a licorice extract with antioxidants that is designed to break the chain of oxidation. Another prototype featured Salona, a sea salt ingredient that has been shown to reduce sodium chloride use by 25% to 50%.