CHICAGO — More than 3,700 products with whole grain claims have been launched in the United States since 2005, according to Mintel International’s Global New Products Database.

Since 2005, whole grain claims have consistently been in the top 20 food and beverage claims, and the share of all products with whole grain claims has gone up consistently since then. In 2005, for example, whole grain claims were only present on 2.3% of all new product launches, and by 2010 the number had risen to 5.6%.

“Two-thousand and ten has been particularly strong so far, with 651 whole grain products launched across all food categories in the U.S.,” said David Browne, senior analyst at Mintel. “At this rate, 2010 should be the biggest year ever in terms of total whole grain product launches.”

As whole grain product launches have increased, so to has recognition of the Whole Grain Stamp from the Whole Grains Council. According to SPINS, an information provider that tracks sales data, the combined channel sales of naturally positioned dry grocery products with the Whole Grain Stamp grew 16% for the 12-week period ended Aug. 7, compared with the previous year. Natural bread loaves with the stamp increased 172% in sales during the last quarter compared with the previous year.

“While sales of these products are still small, there are a lot of good signs for the whole grain market,” Mr. Browne said. “Nearly 6% of all food products and 18% of all-natural food products launched in 2010 have the whole grain claim. Innovations in unexpected places, including beverages and dairy products, will also drive sales.”