Foods with increased protein content attract many health-conscious consumers, and MGP Ingredients’ portfolio of specialty proteins address desires for protein-enriched diets, more energy, improved weight management and increased muscle mass. The proteins’ neutral taste profile allows formulators to use less flavoring compared to other types.

“Wheat proteins have evolved from their traditional role of giving volume to bread and providing spongy texture with a soft mouthfeel,” said Ody Maningat, PhD, vice-president of R&D and chief science officer at MGP. “While unique, these properties of wheat proteins can be enhanced to deliver multi-functional benefits. Our specialty proteins, all made from non-GMO wheat, offer customers exceptional formulation solutions to their product development needs.”

MGP’s Arise wheat protein isolates range in protein concentration from 85 to more than 90%. “The functional benefits are numerous,” said Mike Buttshaw, vice-president of ingredients sales and marketing. “In every case, our specialty wheat proteins can enhance label declarations.”

The company also offers Optein, a lightly hydrolyzed wheat protein that can act as a partial egg replacer.

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