Stauber has offered ingredient solutions across various markets for nearly 50 years. 

FLORIDA, N.Y. — Looking to create new opportunities for emulsion technology and functionality, Stauber USA entered into a strategic partnership with CoreFX Ingredients. This cooperative effort was created to deliver innovative, service-driven ingredient solutions, elevate customers success and provide mutual growth and opportunities in the markets the companies serve. 

“We are excited about our new partnership with CoreFX Ingredients,” Shirley Rozeboom, senior vice-president, Stauber USA. “This is opening up new opportunities for spray dried emulsions with functionality. CoreFX has a unique process that encapsulates the oil and promotes stability while creating a free-flowing powder that’s easy to use in all finished product applications. Their dedicated team is driven by innovation and service and quick to respond to our customer’s demands.”

CoreFX Ingredients’ spray drying techniques with optimized emulsifying techniques and agents create dry stable ingredients, which offer the nutritional value of healthy fats. The company’s systems not only offer nutritional options, but they also achieve a desired flavor, body, texture and appearance in products. 

For nearly 50 years, Stauber has distributed ingredients and solutions to the food industry.  CoreFX manufactures custom dry dairy, cheese and lipid ingredient solutions.

“This partnership with Stauber/Hawkins is an exciting milestone for CoreFX as we progress our high-value dry stable nutritional and nutraceutical oils portfolio and our grass-fed dairy portfolio into markets where Stauber excels and has serviced for many years,” said Denis Neville, chief executive officer, CoreFX Ingredients. “This venture will prove to be an aligned and inspiring partnership where customers and service come first, and we are looking forward to exciting times ahead.”