The Basket Handling System from AMF Bakery Systems integrates loading, bottom-up stacking, conveying and palletizing for one seamless, post-packaging solution. AMF’s fully automated system ensures smooth basket transfer with automated pattern configurations to accommodate a wide variety of basket types. 

“The basket handling area of the bakery has typically been the last area to automate,” said John Keene, director of engineering, AMF. “A focus on reducing ergonomic, repetitive motion and safety issues that exist with manual loading and handling or fully weighted stacks leads one to invest in an automated solution.”

The simple, mechanical design ensures minimal maintenance and longevity for maximum reliability, he added.

The system incorporates a variety of robotic loading technologies, including articulating arm, gantry or pick-and-place robots for gentle product handling. Recipe management systems allow for easy product changeover with multiple pattern configurations. 

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