Kale pizza
Euromonitor International claims Clean Lifers will reign as the No. 1 global trend in 2018.

Occasionally, a report comes out that makes you scratch your head. That’s our reaction to data from Euromonitor International that claims Clean Lifers will reign as the No. 1 global trend in 2018.

“Consumers are adopting clean-living, more minimalist lifestyles where moderation and integrity are key,” the firm observed. “Clustering around educated 20- to 29-year-olds, a new generation of ‘straight edge’ consumers has grown up knowing deep recession, terrorism and troubled politics and has a wider world view than previous generations. They have been shielded by affluent parents and take more guidance from them, possibly resulting in lower self-confidence.”

The report goes on to say that Clean Lifers have strong beliefs and ideals.

“They are less tolerant, more skeptical. They feel they can make a difference, and this influences their spending choices,” the report said.

“This means more saying no: no to alcohol, no to unhealthy habits, no to animal-based products and, increasingly, no to unmeasured or uninformed spending,” it said. “Their need to impress is less through ownership and more through experiences they want to share. Family and home are important to them. Some stay in the family home for longer, as the costs of setting up on their own in countries such as the U.K. and the U.S. have become prohibitive.”

While the idea of being with family is great, make sure if you’re in your 20s and living a clean life that you’re not having a supreme pizza and a few beers with mom and dad on a Thursday night. Then again, maybe they’ll pay — not you — for a kale-and-quinoa, dairy-free one on a gluten-free pizza crust.