The latest Bühler Meincke Jumbo Cracker Line combines high capacity with improved process control and product quality. The design incorporates new automatic forming line pressure control, on-line product thickness measurements and automatic control of final product characteristics like the level of moisture in the oven.

The line’s hygienic design addresses the increasing demand for food safety features. Built for midsize to large producers of fermented saltine crackers, snack crackers and baked potato snacks, it also features quick changeovers.

“Working closely with our customers it was evident that they had a requirement to increase efficiency and output in order to be competitive in an ever-increasing global market,” said Jamie Douglas, global key account manager, Bühler Group.

Because Meincke is now part of Bühler Group, the company has further opportunities to automate cracker processes. Now, Bühler can offer complete cracker and cookie lines from mixing systems to forming and baking equipment, sandwiching and chocolate coating — all with smart control systems. The single high-volume line can replace two traditional lines, increase overall efficiency and minimize the number of required operators, Mr. Douglas said.

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