KANSAS CITY — Baking manufacturers are bolstering some of their biggest brands with new product lines and line extensions.

Flowers Foods, Inc. is building on its Tastykake brand with two new offerings.

Under its Scoop Shop line, Tastykake is launching Cookies & Crème Brownies. The ice cream-inspired treats feature round chocolate brownies with a cookies and crème topping.

New Tastykake Chocolate Swirls are pastry rolls stuffed with chocolate smear filling and chocolate bits.

The J.M. Smucker Co. is innovating within its Smucker’s Uncrustables brand with a new Bites and a new Roll-Ups line.

The bite-size, heat-and-eat Uncrustables Bites are stuffed bread pockets that come in two varieties: taco and barbecue chicken.

Uncrustables Roll-Ups are sandwich-inspired, thaw-and-eat offerings featuring meat and cheese rolled in flatbread. Varieties include Uncured Ham & Cheddar Roll-Ups and Turkey & Colby Jack Roll-Ups.

The latest addition in Perfect Snax Prime, LLC’s Candy Pop lineup is Candy Pop Popcorn with Snickers. The snack features popcorn drizzled with Snickers caramel and nuts mixed with Snickers candy bar pieces.

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