TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Wei-lin Chou has joined the US Wheat Associates (USW) as technical specialist in Taipei, Taiwan.

“Our goal was to hire someone with the most technical wheat food background and Wei-lin was the best candidate,” said Jeff Coey, USW regional vice president for China and Taiwan. “His cereal chemist background will be ideally suited to the already advanced stages of technical know-how among our customers in Taiwan.”

Mr. Chou brings experience as an assistant researcher for the China Grain Products Research and Development Institute and in technical sales for Thailand-based company Starpro Starch Co.

Mr. Chou received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agriculture chemistry from National Taiwan University. Working in the Laboratory of Chemistry and Application of Biomaterials, his thesis focused on improving rice bread quality by adjusting heat, moisture and enzyme treatments. He also worked in the Laboratory of Pesticides and Environmental Toxicants extracting toxicants and organic compounds from polluted water for analyzation.

“Wei-lin also has a proven ability to apply his technical skills to solve the kinds of challenges our customers see,” Mr. Coey said.