Grain Processing Corp. (GPC) introduced Fybrin RS, a corn-based, gluten-free resistant starch that increases fiber in food formulations and contributes fewer calories than other carbohydrates, according to the company. It is labeled as “food starch-modified.”

“Fybrin RS is particularly well-suited for use in pasta, tortilla and baked good formulations,” said Jimmy Kent, senior vice president of sales, GPC.

Other potential applications include snacks, wraps, pizza crusts and bars. Fybrin RS has a bland flavor, low water-holding capacity and a smooth mouthfeel. While it contributes solids to formulations, Fybrin RS does not add viscosity and mixes with other ingredients. Resistant starches like Fybrin RS support good gut health by passing through the upper digestive tract down to the large intestine where they are fermented and produce metabolites that benefit health.

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