AIB’s new Food Facility Security Penetration and Intelligence Testing (S.P.I.) helps clients determine security weaknesses at their facilities, and create and implement food defense plans to reduce the possibilities of intentional product tampering, theft, workplace violence, and other crimes.

S.P.I. challenges the technical, procedural and physical weaknesses within an organization’s security plans in order to identify ways that a perpetrator may compromise security and gain access to sensitive areas and information. It assesses a company’s ability to discover and respond to security events and evaluates the safeguards currently in place to counteract them. The S.P.I. may be customized to meet the specific objectives of plant management and to provide information that may be beneficial in further development of the overall security program.

Security penetration and intelligence testing evaluates security measures to determine their effectiveness and uncover weaknesses and flaws that may lead to serious breaches in security. During an S.P.I. test, an AIB food defense expert conducts a simulated attack or attempts to violate the facility’s established security protocols and procedures. The testing and evaluation will assess the attentiveness and response of security guards and employees, and how well they follow the facility’s established safety procedures.

The S.P.I. complements the Facility Vulnerability Assessment (F.V.A.) already offered by AIB.

Most often, S.P.I. tests are coupled with an F.V.A., which identifies and reports noted areas in the facility’s security procedures, programs, and physical security measures that remain vulnerable, even with certain security measures in place. The S.P.I. then attempts to exploit such vulnerabilities to determine whether malicious activity is possible. It is an attempt to emulate a “real world” attack scenario or security breach of established security procedures. At the conclusion of the activities, a detailed report and one-on-one debriefing is held with plant management and recommendations on correcting the security deficiencies are provided.

AIB’s S.P.I. testing services are provided by individuals with combined law enforcement and food defense experience. Other food safety service providers offer S.P.I. testing, but do not have the law enforcement background that AIB offers.