DECATUR, ILL. — Archer Daniels Midland Co. on Sept. 19 opened an intermodal container freight shipping and receiving facility in Decatur that offers access to three railroads and is close to four interstate highways and a major U.S. highway. The location provides proximity to 95 million customers within a day’s drive, according to Decatur-based ADM.

Intermodal containers may be loaded with virtually any type of product and may be transported by truck, rail car and ship, according to ADM.

“ADM’s new intermodal facility will offer businesses of every type the ability to access markets anywhere, at any time, and do so quickly and cost-effectively,” said Scott Fredericksen, president of ADM Transportation. “Our deep logistics experience, vast global transportation network and commitment to outstanding service can offer businesses in and around central Illinois an unprecedented level of access and reach.”

The intermodal ramp is on 250 acres at ADM’s processing complex. The facility itself has two cranes that may handle 50,000 containers per year, with room to grow to 150,000.

“With strong support from our leaders in Springfield and Macon county, we’ve been able to get this project off the drawing board and into operation quickly,” Mr. Fredericksen said. “We look forward to seeing it reach its full potential, and to helping Illinois achieve its goal of doubling exports by 2014.”