MORRISTOWN, N.J. — PLT Health Solutions, Inc. and Horizon Science on June 11 announced the launch of the Benecarb glycemic balance complex in North America. Clinical studies have shown the ingredient, a derivative of sugar cane molasses, reduces the glycemic index of foods and beverages by up to 20% at addition levels of 4% to 6% of total carbohydrate content, according to Morristown-based PLT Health Solutions.

The low use levels correspond to a low impact on the organoleptic properties of food and beverage formulations and make the ingredient more cost-effective, according to PLT Health Solutions. Benecarb contains antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols.

“These days, the blood sugar impact of foods and beverages is on everyone’s mind, from the mom who avoids giving her children beverages that cause a sugar spike and wants foods that help maintain a healthy weight for herself, to the athlete who wants peak performance on the person trying to manage their blood sugar health,” said Sid Hulse, director of new product development for PLT Health Solutions. “The choice of lower glycemic foods and beverages run from emotional and experiential to daily diet management and support of long-term health. Benecarb’s ability to lower the glycemic index of foods responds to all of these drivers.”

Australian-based Horizon Science developed Benecarb, which is non-bioengineered. The company develops polyphenol-enhanced products derived from sugar cane waste streams. A scientific team led by James Heimbach, Ph.D. and president of JHeimbach, L.L.C., Port Royal, Va., self-affirmed Benecarb as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) in 2011.