No idea is a bad idea — that’s Snak King’s philosophy when it comes to new product development. With so much private label and co-manufacturing business on top of its own brands, Snak King’s R.&D. team must stay at the ready to try anything and everything.

“Often, a customer will come to us with an idea, and we’ll make it happen,” said Joe Papiri, vice-president of sales and marketing. “Also, we have ideation sessions in our own company where we come up with some crazy ideas, and then we look at what’s in the market and what consumers want. Sometimes the equipment will inform new products.”

That’s how Snak King’s latest innovation came about, the purple corn popped chip. This product isn’t fried or air-popped but compression popped. Pressure and heat applied to ground corn create a snack with the crunch and flavor of a full-fat snack without the fat, which puts this new product right in Snak King’s wheelhouse of new age snacks.