PHILADELPHIA — Bassetts Ice Cream, the 150-year-old Philadelphia-based ice cream distributor, is launching a new artisan bread line in the next two to three weeks. For the past 10 years, Bassetts has been distributing other brands’ parbaked flash-frozen bread — partially-baked bread that is frozen and distributed to restaurants and then fully baked at the restaurant — because many of the company’s ice cream buyers were also artisan bread buyers.

The success Bassetts has seen through its distribution of artisan bread inspired the company to create its own line.

“About two to three months ago we decided we wanted to develop our own line and brand of artisan bread because our distribution of other brands had been so successful,” said Michael Strange, president and owner of Bassetts Ice Cream.

The company is just starting out with a line of dinner rolls, as a way to “dip our toes in the water,” as Mr. Strange put it.

The line initially will consist of a french style dinner roll, seeded french style dinner roll, pumpernickel onion roll, and multi-grain roll.

Mr. Strange said that if they see success in the distribution of dinner rolls, the company could look to expand.

“Depending on how successful the dinner roll line is, if it rolls out well and is well-received, we will be looking at loaves and other bread products,” he said.

Mr. Strange and Bassetts believe the new product line will see success.

“Internally, we love this product and are proud to put our brand on it,” Mr. Strange said.