Perfection Bakeries, Inc. sells bread and other baked foods through the Aunt Millie’s brand.

FORT WAYNE, IND. — Perfection Bakeries, Inc., which sells bread and other baked foods throughout the United States under the Aunt Millie’s brand, has purchased a 5,100-square-foot plant in Sidney, Ohio, for additional storage and distribution space, according to the Dayton Business Journal.

Aunt Millie’s is family owned and operates six bakeries in Fort Wayne; Coldwater, Jackson, Kalamazoo and Plymouth, Mich.; and Sidney. The company’s bread and other bakery products are distributed throughout the United States, but the primary focus is on the Midwest.

John Popp, president of Aunt Millie’s, told theDayton Business Journalthat he expects the new facility to be operational within a few weeks. The company will not need to hire any additional workers at this time.