Tromp Group USA is a privately held company located in Dacula, Ga.

RICHMOND, VA — Tromp Group, BV, of The Netherlands, acquired Tromp Group USA, a privately held company located in Dacula, Ga. Led by Jim Cummings and operating as Tromp Group USA, Tromp Group, L.L.C. served as the U.S. distributor for Tromp Group, BV, since 1998.

 “Jim Cummings worked successfully with us over the last 17 years to build our distribution,” said Robert van Heukelum, president of Tromp Group, BV. “While Jim’s company was a separate entity and not legally tied to Tromp Group, he and his team have essentially been a member of our corporate family throughout this period, adding great value in their understanding of the North American market.”

Following the acquisition, the business now known as Tromp Group Americas, L.L.C., will continue to operate out of Georgia with the existing team and will serve as the U.S. and Canadian headquarters for Tromp Group.

"We have always felt part of the Tromp Group even though we were an independent organization,” Mr. Cummings added. “I am excited to become part of the Tromp Group and wider Markel Food Group team.” 

Luay Polis, service technician with 12 years of experience at Tromp Group, has moved to the United States to increase technical support in the region.

“Having Luay greatly increases our local support and will be the start of a bigger technical center in the U.S.,” Mr. Cummings said. “We will continue to add sales and service resources to build the U.S. and Canadian markets for Tromp Group as well as providing greater focus on specialty bakers working with AMF Bakery Systems.”

Both Tromp Group and AMF Bakery Systems are part of the Markel Food Group.