ARLINGTON, VA. — Bread, rolls and biscuits often are vilified as having negative health effects. But millions across the country love their loaves, and now they have a new rallying cry: “I Love Bread.” This week, an original, custom-animated song entitled “I Love Bread” was released on YouTube ( Devoted dough lovers are encouraged to share across social channels.

The earworm-worthy song was written by Emmy-nominated musician Parry Gripp, and the video stars colorful cartoon foods declaring their love of grains. Inspired by Oprah’s public proclamation earlier this year, the comedic lyrics feature everyone’s favorite breadbasket goodies.

Parry Gripp, musician and writer of "I Love Bread" song

“I have made tracks about popular food items for years — highlighting everything from tacos to dipping sauce to hot dogs,” Mr. Gripp said. “When approached about making a song all about bread, I jumped at the chance to showcase one of my favorite foods.”

The “I Love Bread” video is a joint effort between the Grain Foods Foundation (G.F.F.) and BEMA. The initiative was created to support the entire bread and grain industry — giving a boost to many of America’s beloved products.

“We’re thrilled to partner with G.F.F. on this project to support bakers and the industry in a unique and compelling way,” said Terry Bartsch, chairman of BEMA. “‘I Love Bread’ enables us to provide a simple, fun message for the entire bread industry.”