Tea flavored products

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea flavors are gaining steam in a variety of food categories, said Innova Market Insights. Global launches of yogurt featuring a tea flavor increased 100% between 2014 and 2015, while chocolate blocks with a tea flavor grew 93%, sweet biscuits with a tea flavor increased 53%, savory snacks with a tea flavor rose 30%, shelf-stable desserts with a tea flavor were up 29%, and gum with a tea flavor increased 13%. Global examples identified by Innova Market Insights include Green Tea and Lemon Flavored Skyr Yogurt (Norway) and Meiji Horn Seasonal Chocolate Sticks with an Earl Grey milk tea flavored filling (Canada)

Meanwhile, food and beverage launches tracked in North America featuring a coffee flavor grew 28% in 2015. Examples identified by Innova Market Insights include Sun Douchou caramelized coffee-flavored peanuts (France), Arnott’s Tim Tam Virgin Espresso Martini Chocolate Flavor Biscuits (New Zealand), and Kroger Cappuccino Breakfast Shake (United States).

Coffee flavored products

“Beverages to me are the obvious place for new flavors because what do you risk for a beverage? $2 or $3,” Ms. Williams said in an interview with Food Business News. “If you don’t like it, you can throw it away and get something else. You can risk a snack. You’re not going to risk your main course because it’s too expensive, and it’s too big a part of what you’re eating…

“And if it’s popular, it can move onto bigger things.”