Matt Risser, Reading Bakery Systems
Matt Risser has rejoined Reading Bakery Systems as a senior project engineer.

ROBESONIA, PA. — Matt Risser has rejoined Reading Bakery Systems as a senior project engineer. In his new position, Mr. Risser will manage the delivery of project deliverables, with control over project scopes, budgets and schedules. He will report to Tremaine Hartranft, director of engineering for RBS.

Prior to joining RBS, Mr. Risser was a design engineer of pharmaceutical filling equipment with Automated Production Systems. He also worked as a lead engineer, and then project engineer, for Clayton H. Landis Co., a manufacturer of food handling and processing equipment, structural fabrications and heavy industry equipment. Before joining Landis, Mr. Risser had been with RBS as a project engineer.

Mr. Risser graduated from Penn State University with a degree in mechanical engineering and has more than 20 years combined experience in mechanical design and project management.

“We’re happy to welcome Matt back to the Reading Bakery family,” Mr. Hartranft said. “His past experience, here and at several other manufacturing companies, will afford him the opportunities to be a strong leader in our Project Management Group.”