AIB International Certified Bread Specialist-Industrial classes
The Certified Bread Specialist-Industrial program consists of seven courses.

MANHATTAN, KAS. — AIB International has launched Certified Bread Specialist-Industrial, a new career path competency program for baking professionals that AIB said delivers “a combination of e-learning and instructor-led seminars to further enhance students’ knowledge of the function of ingredients and every baking step along the way.”

Brian Strouts, AIB International
Brian Strouts, vice-president, baking and food technical services, AIB

“Since 1919 AIB has been bringing the latest in baking skills and training to future industry leaders,” said Brian Strouts, vice-president, baking and food technical services, AIB. “Making time to learn the needed on-the-job skills is increasingly becoming an issue, which is why we’re focused on growing our on-line courses and e-learning offerings. We know it’s an investment in both money and time to bring bakers up to speed, so we’re working to make our programs more convenient and efficient.”

The launch of the new AIB program follows the release of a recent study from the American Bakers Association and the American Society of Baking that found the biggest industry challenge is to fill jobs and find workers with the skills needed to take on roles that are becoming more technologically advanced. The study, “Workforce gap in U.S. commercial baking: trends, challenges and solutions,” highlighted several factors, including how the baking industry is lacking employees at all levels who demonstrate leadership and how the increased use of automation/robotics is opening doors for employees with mathematical skills.