Kemin Oxidation Guide
Kemin's guide includes insights on how formulations can impact labeling and transparency.

Kemin Industries recently issued a “Bakery and Snack Oxidation Guide” that explains the key aspects of the oxidation process and how antioxidants can help protect food manufacturers’ brands.

The guide uses infographics to highlight how lipid oxidation negatively impacts products with three modes of failure: color, flavor and quality. It illustrates antioxidants’ mode of action and their role in significantly delaying or preventing oxidation. The resource also covers how formulation changes can affect brand goals of price, label, transparency and consumer loyalty.

“With this guide, we’ve created a helpful resource that simply illustrates the complex process of oxidation, how it affects product quality and how antioxidants and plant extracts can delay oxidation to lengthen shelf life and help maintain consumer loyalty,” said Courtney Schwartz, senior marketing communications manager, food technologies, Kemin.

To view the “Bakery and Snack Oxidation Guide,” click here