Goya Foods facility
Goya Foods is adding 324,000 feet to its processing center in Brookshire, Texas.

BROOKSHIRE, TEXAS — Goya Foods, a maker of Latin American food and condiments, is expanding its North American processing center in Brookshire with the addition of 324,000 feet of production warehouse, distribution warehouse, production office and auxiliary buildings.

Built in 2014, the facility was part of a $250 million investment and features ultra-modern processing equipment, hydrostatic bean cooker and cannery operations capable of producing more than 1,000 cans per minute. The expansion nearly doubles the size of the facility, where the company produces more than 2,500 food products, including low-sodium, organic, diet and sugar-free options.

The expansion is expected to help the company reach new consumers and strengthen the brand throughout the United States and in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia. Slated for completion in 2018, the expanded facility will include 29 new dock doors for domestic and international distribution.

Bob Unanue, Goya Foods
Bob Unanue, president of Goya Foods
“With the growing need for good nutrition, it’s an opportune time for Goya to expand,” said Bob Unanue, president of Goya Foods. “For more than 81 years, Goya has not only positioned itself as a leader in the Latin American food industry and a trusted American brand, but as an iconic symbol of the Hispanic culture.  Our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of providing our consumers with products that offer ‘good taste, good for you and good value,’ all key elements that resonate with our popular tag line that our grandfather created, ‘If It’s Goya, It Has To Be Good’.”