The show floor at Europain will be divided into three sections: manufacturing, selling and managing.

It’s not often that one trade show brings together all facets of the global baking industry. From artisans fixated on perfection to manufacturers that crank out massive amounts of products daily, Europain, to be held Feb. 3-6, 2018, in Paris, attracts bakers and suppliers from all sectors.

“This edition will feature even more live demos, product tests, suppliers, experts and innovative solutions,” said Marie-Odile Fondeur, managing director, Europain. “All these animations and encounters contribute to a rich offering and facilitate effective and efficient exchanges with top professionals in the field, a source of inspiration to expand any type of business.”

To aid the anticipated 65,000 showgoers, the event will feature a new layout focused on three themes: manufacturing, selling and managing. Showrunners hope the new segmentation will help attendees optimize their time as well as bridge the gap between the bakery and pastry sectors.

The manufacturing section is devoted to creation, innovation and production. Here, bakers can discover the latest in equipment and ingredients for their operations. Attendees searching for packaging, point-of-sale materials, advertising and design solutions can find it in the selling portion. The managing segment offers specialized services such as financing, legal assistance, staff management, insurance and training that can help bakers take control of the daily challenges their business may face.

Also new to Europain, the forum will host four days of debates, discussions and reviews. Each day the program will focus on one of the three show themes and their nine corresponding subcategories such as sourcing, trends, launch strategies and more. Eighty international contributors will be present to share their expertise and ideas on different subjects.

Event producers are putting an extra emphasis on new products in 2018. The show’s web site currently showcases a new product gallery that previews the latest items from exhibitors. Furthermore, Europain’s smartphone app includes a New Products Routes feature that provides real-time tracking so attendees can search for new products in line with their needs.

For the first time, Europain will honor exhibitors for presenting new products. The New Products Award will be handed out by a committee of experts working in different sectors. Meanwhile, the winner of the Visitors Awards will be chosen by industry professionals on-line before the show based on their favorite new product or service.  

In addition to Europain’s array of new features, many of the classics will be returning. The Masters de la Boulangerie will pit 18 international candidates against one another to win the title of World Master Baker. The Baker’s Lab and Lab Intersuc will provide attendees with non-stop demonstrations by culinary experts on an array of baking techniques.

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