“Baked on the Bright Side” describes more than just branding for Rudi’s Organic Bakery’s organic and gluten-free bread. It reflects the company’s broader mission.

“It speaks to what we do in our communities,” explained Doug Radi, senior vice-president of marketing and conventional channel. “It speaks to create a livelihood for all stakeholders — ­internal and external.”

Through www.rudisbakery.com and social media, Rudi’s actively engages its followers. It also maintains its grassroots approach to the market, offering samples and coupons at marathons and other events. “We love connecting one-on-one and having consumers be part of our family,” Mr. Radi said.

Being organic also means being a friend of the environment. The company is involved in the No-GMO movement as well as initiatives to increase organic farming, “even if it is just one acre at a time,” according to Mr. Radi.