Lavash, wraps, pitas and other varieties of flatbreads continue to proliferate and now come in squares, ovals, minis, rectangles and just irregular patterns of naan.

While conventional round thins flatbreads dominate in the bread aisle, all sorts of so-called specialty flatbreads are becoming increasingly popular in the food service and in-store bakery/deli channels. Moreover, these products are becoming increasingly mainstream and seemingly taking a bite out of the tortilla market, which has seen its growth level off from the heyday of a few years ago. And they’re being positioned as an alternative not only to sandwich bread, but also to conventional pizza crusts.

“Flatbreads are really coming into their own,” noted Perry Abbenante, general manager of the Stonefire brand at FGF Brands, Concord, Ont., and a leading producer of private label naan. “There is an artisan element with what we’re doing.”