There was no shortage of symbolism, even if it was perhaps unplanned, when John Del Campo, president of Brandywine Ingredient Technology, Wilmington, Del., looked to the past while describing the importance of the work of the American Society of Baking Baking Hall of Fame Evaluation Committee that he now chairs. Mr. Del Campo harkened to the words of Gary Brodsky, who as 2006-07 A.S.B. chairman proposed the Hall of Fame and stepped down from chairing the hall’s committee just last year.

“I think Gary defined it best when he said we have to know where we came from before we know where we’re going,” Mr. Del Campo recently told Baking & Snack’s Ryan Atkinson. “I believe this helps us get a sense of the industry. Simply put, the Hall of Famers serve as role models who inspire us. As a result, we often set higher goals and want to contribute more to our industry.”

This year’s honorees — George Deese; Don Dubois; Kermit and Pete Murphy; Gary Prince; and Jonathan, Brett and Ross Warburton — will be inducted during a special ceremony at BakingTech 2015, to be held March 1-3 in Chicago. Learning about the new inductees’ successes can do nothing but help the rest of us.

“For me, I get a sense of how successful people became successful,” Mr. Del Campo said. “It helps me in my career. In a nutshell, the hall provides models for us to follow.”

In other words, to be the best, learn from the best.